Return to Service

Shops and businesses across the Shipley constituency are reopening this week.


Conservative Group Leader and Bingley District Councillor, John Pennington said:

Shop safely today: shops can reopen their doors in England

From June 15th, shops are able to reopen their doors in England, in the next step in our careful easing of lockdown – provided they are meeting robust safety guidelines, keeping staff and customers safe as we get our economy moving again.

Opinion: Proposal for the future of statues

Whilst I do support the review of all historical statues, plaques, memorials and acknowledgements etc, rather than their removal, renaming, defacing or obliteration I would advocate a more subtle and thoughtful approach.


Opinion: How far back to go for retribution?

How far back to go for retribution?

I suspect that my genome still has a trace of Neanderthal fragment lurking along it. Against who then do I take up arms to remedy sins visited upon my ancestors?


Great Goit Stock Clean Up - Saturday 13th June

Cllr Paul Sullivan is cleaning up Goit Stock this Saturday 13th June from 2pm until 4pm. All information is below, please help if you can.





Keep #BingleyRuralBeautiful