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Update from Baildon's District Councillors

Baildon CofE Primary School parking developments 

Thank you to everybody who took the time to respond to our survey a few months ago regarding the problems with parking on Bartle Gill Drive and Bartle Gill View at school starting and finishing times.

Return to Service

Shops and businesses across the Shipley constituency are reopening this week.


Conservative Group Leader and Bingley District Councillor, John Pennington said:

Opinion: Proposal for the future of statues

Whilst I do support the review of all historical statues, plaques, memorials and acknowledgements etc, rather than their removal, renaming, defacing or obliteration I would advocate a more subtle and thoughtful approach.


Opinion: How far back to go for retribution?

How far back to go for retribution?

I suspect that my genome still has a trace of Neanderthal fragment lurking along it. Against who then do I take up arms to remedy sins visited upon my ancestors?


Great Goit Stock Clean Up - Saturday 13th June

Cllr Paul Sullivan is cleaning up Goit Stock this Saturday 13th June from 2pm until 4pm. All information is below, please help if you can.





Keep #BingleyRuralBeautiful