Reasons to vote for Philip Davies today

Dear Sir/Madam,



Today is the day. I cannot overstate the importance of this election; your vote is crucial in deciding which path this country takes.


Political truth - escorted by a bodyguard of lies? by Cllr Mike Pollard

Political truth – escorted by a bodyguard of lies?

Cllr Mike Pollard – Baildon

Ever since the Brexit referendum, cries of ‘liar’ seem to have assailed our ears from all sides, but frequently with little sound foundation. Nonetheless perhaps we should have a look.

Jackie Whiteley standing again in Wharfedale

Wharfedale Conservatives are pleased to announce that Jackie Whiteley will be the Conservative Party Candidate for Wharfedale Ward, in the forthcoming District Council elections.

Paul Sullivan chosen as Bingley Rural's Conservative Candidate

It is with great pleasure that we announce that  Bingley Rural Conservatives chose Paul Sullivan, a retired police officer and Harden Parish Councillor as candidate for the district council vacancy left by Cllr Simon Cooke’s retirement.