A statement from Philip Davies MP regarding Bradford's local lockdown

"I am extremely angry and frustrated that the whole of the Shipley constituency is included in the local lockdown because of problems which are largely in central Bradford.


"I have made clear my unhappiness about this to everyone from the Prime Minister downwards, including the Secretary of State for Health. The Government told me that Bradford Council had asked for the whole District to be included equally in the local lockdown and that the local authority has some statutory responsibilities to public health.


"It is clear to me that if we were not within the boundaries of Bradford Council the whole of the Shipley constituency would not be included in the local lockdown (Leeds Council isn't). This is yet another reason why we need to separate our area from Bradford Council, which is something I have been campaigning for over a long period of time.


"As a result of my representations the Government have agreed to review the restrictions in one week rather than the usual two weeks. I have urged the Minister to treat separate parts of the District differently depending on very local infection rates - irrespective of the views of Bradford Council."