Statement from Philip Davies MP as local lockdown to be lifted next week for the entire Shipley constituency

“I am delighted that the Government have confirmed that every ward in the Shipley constituency is to be removed from the Bradford local lockdown from Wednesday 2nd September. As has been well documented, this is something I have lobbied very hard for in discussions with the Secretary of State and the Prime Minister and I am very grateful for their support in delivering this.


“My constituents should never forget that the Labour Party across the Bradford District pushed to ensure that every part of the district was treated the same. They believed that if any part of the Bradford District had to remain in the local lockdown then the whole District should have to remain in it. I am pleased the Government has rejected Bradford Council’s argument.


“The only reason my constituency was in the local lockdown in the first place is because it has the misfortune to be within the Bradford Council area and this has shown how urgent it is that we break away from Bradford Council and set up our own local authority with the constituency of Keighley and Ilkley.


“It is perfectly clear that if the Shipley and Keighley constituencies were represented by Labour MPs, both of those entire constituencies would still be in the local lockdown well beyond next Wednesday.


“This whole episode has shown more than ever the contempt the Labour Party has for the Shipley constituency, and I am sure this will remain in people’s memories for a long time to come.


“I am delighted that common sense has finally prevailed and my tireless campaigning for the Shipley constituency to be treated fairly has been recognised. This is great news for my constituents and the local businesses within my constituency”.