Reasons to vote for Philip Davies today

Dear Sir/Madam,

Today is the day. I cannot overstate the importance of this election; your vote is crucial in deciding which path this country takes.

The choice is clear. A Government led by Boris Johnson which will get Brexit done, invest £33.9 billion extra in the NHS, 20,000 more police officers and more funding for every pupil in every school and a strong economy. Or Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn would be a disaster for this country, he would destroy the economy, raise taxes and borrowing to an unsustainable level and see wealth creators flee the country. John McDonnell, a man who is a self-confessed Marxist, would be in charge of the country’s economy and Diane Abbott would be in charge of the police and the country’s security. We cannot be complacent. These are serious and important decisions – Corbyn and his cronies should be allowed nowhere near No 10.

Even 15 former Labour MPs are urging people to vote Conservative as they believe Jeremy Corbyn is unfit to be Prime Minister.

Your vote matters now more than ever – this election is going to be much tighter than many people appreciate – and it is vital for the country’s future that you vote Conservative today.

Please watch a short video of why I hope you will vote for me below.  I hope I can count on your support.

Yours faithfully,

Philip Davies, Conservative candidate for the Shipley constituency