Philip Davies MP's comments on local lockdown extension

Following the announcement that the local lockdown would continue for the Shipley constituency as part of the Bradford District, Philip Davies MP had this to say:


“The decision to extend the local lockdown in the Shipley constituency for a further week is completely unjustified and without any evidence base, as I have made clear in a very robust conversation with both Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health, and also the Prime Minister. 


“My constituents should be in no doubt that the only reason they are still in a local lockdown is because we have the misfortune to be within the boundary of Bradford Council.  This is best demonstrated by the fact that part of Menston is in the area of Bradford Council and therefore in the local lockdown, whereas part of Menston is in the Leeds Council area and therefore isn’t.


“This situation is intolerable. The infection rate figures in the Shipley constituency do not remotely justify being within the local lockdown area.


“Bradford Council believe that the whole district should be treated equally in the local lockdown, and that every part of the district should be included in it until every part of the district can be removed from it.  However I firmly believe that the local lockdown should only apply to the parts of the district where the infection rate levels justify it. 


“I will continue to do everything I can to see the local lockdown lifted from my constituency ASAP whilst ever there is no justification for it being in place”.