Acceptance of the EU Referendum Result

An MP is demanding assurances from government a second referendum will not be held following last week’s vote to leave the European Union – urging everyone to accept the result.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said the referendum was democratic and more people wanted to leave than remain and democracy should be respected.

Speaking in the Commons in response to a statement by the Prime Minister on the country’s decision, Mr Davies said: “The Prime Minister is right to say the country needs to come together and the first part of that is everyone has to accept the result of the referendum whether they like it or not. Talk of a second referendum is for the birds.”

Thousands of people have taken to social media calling for another referendum with many claiming they did not understand what they were voting for. Petitions have also been started claiming 60 per cent of the public need to agree on a 75 per cent voter turnout.

Mr Davies, the first MP to call for Britain to leave the EU in 2006, also urged the PM to tell his European counterparts Britain wants to continue to trade with the EU, but the British people are clear they will not contribute to the EU budget or accept free movement of people.

David Cameron said: “We must accept the result and the Cabinet has and I think everybody should. What has to happen now is translating that result into action and choosing the correct pathway to leave the European Union and the correct relationship to have with it. That is going to take a lot of complex decision making by the new government. He (Mr Davies) is absolutely right the decision must be accepted.

Before last week’s election Mr Davies said if the country chose to remain part of the European Union he would respect that, despite it not being his view.