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Philip Davies has secured a meeting with Chancellor Rishi Sunak to discuss funding for the Shipley Eastern bypass and flood defences for the area – after the MP said money saved from reducing the overseas aid budget should be spent on local priorities.

Foreign aid spending will be cut to 0.5 per cent of gross national income saving more than £4 billion a year, it was confirmed today in the spending review.

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“I am dismayed at the announcement of a new national lockdown which will come into force on Thursday 5th November following a vote by MPs. My constituency has been in some form of lockdown since July, the only result of which has been to damage the local economy and people's livelihoods uneccesarily. I cannot support further restrictions or a national lockdown and will be voting against it in Parliament on Wednesday.


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Councillors Paul Sullivan (Bingley Rural), Debbie Davies (Baildon), Kyle Green (Ilkley) and Jackie Whiteley (Wharfedale) have questioned whether the Labour-run Council’s decision to invest over £25m to create new office space in Bradford City centre particularly is necessary and value for money, particularly when peoples’ working habits have changed due to the pandemic.



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